Why You Should Hire K2GC for your Next Construction Project

When it comes to construction we value your time and money.
We understand the importance of time and financing when it comes to home repairs, home remodels and construction. Our clients who are homeowners that have desired kitchen and bath redesigns and in some cases total remodels – will tell you that finding the right contracting company to trust with their home project, their budget and their time is one of the biggest hurdles of any renovation.

This is why we at K2GC, take timeliness, specific line items in the budget and customer service very seriously when you entrust us with you home remodel, home repair or kitchen and bath design/redesign. Our goal is to use clear communication. We treat your home as if it were our own, and value your time as we do our own.

Good Communication in construction is one of our keys to success.
We understand that it is easiest to work with a contractor that you can communicate with. We at K2GC strive to communicate with you the entire time we are working with you because we know that if you can’t communicate with the person who will be working on your house, you’ll never be satisfied with the work.

As an Antioch Ca General Contractor, serving homeowners throughout Contra Costa County, K2GC’s company policy is to embody open and regular contact with customers.

If you have experienced poor communication during a remodel with a contractor, then you know that there is nothing more irritating than some of the consequences of a lack of communication such as construction starting on the wrong day or a construction crew that is sparse or doesn’t show up at all.

How do we avoid this problem? we give you as a client, a job itinerary before work begins. In rare cases when timeline changes need to be made, the general contractor and owner Ken Turnage II and his staff at K2GC, are courteous enough to call you, the homeowner, no later than the day before to let you know about any changes.

We also create a line-by-line estimate for you before the start of the job so you know exactly what to expect where your finances are concerned.

When it comes to Construction, you can talk to real people we’ve helped
As a construction company who has successfully handled fire and water damage home restoration, kitchen and bath renovations, home remodels and restoration for several years, we are happy to provide references to you, of people who have used our construction services and trusted us with their home construction projects.

“I let the customer do their own research and call my reference list. I like to give them not only past customers, but ongoing customers, too—jobs we’re still in the middle of. Anyone can cherry-pick happy past customers, but calling customers while job is still underway is a good rendition of how we treat customers because it’s still fresh in their mind.”

We keep our work space clean
Construction can be an uncomfortable time for you as a homeowner. The dust, the workers, the material and everything else can sometimes be overwhelming. So we take special care to properly tape off and mask the work area to contain any dust. We also put up a vapor barrier so that dust doesn’t travel to other rooms in the home. At the end of every work day we leave the area in a clean and professional manner every time.

We deliver on our values.
We’ll give you more value than you actually invested in your construction project.

We understand that we are not always the lowest bidder. And that’s ok because we have found that there is often a strong relationship between the lowest bidder and lower satisfaction experience among clients who mistakenly chose the cut-rate option. At K2GC, we prefer to charge a modest and fair rate and then offer real value in the form of strong communication, good construction practices and hard honest work. We may not be the cheapest, but we are certainly among the best in the industry and our track record shows that we are worth it.

“If you are looking for a company who returns calls in the same day and shows up on time…that is us”.” ~ Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor

When you hire K2GC, you also get company values set in place by Kenneth R. Turnage II – General Contractor. We provide one-hour appointment windows in consideration for your time. You as a homeowners won’t need to put your whole day on hold waiting for construction to begin. You’ll also benefit from our promise to return all phone calls within 24 hours.

Construction plus Safety equals Construction Happiness
At K2GC, your safety is always of the utmost importance.
Some construction companies and other contractors hire workers through labor pools – sometimes not even knowing who they are hiring to work on your home. This can put your property and your family at risk.

K2GC, focuses on employing a dependable and knowledgeable staff of qualified and proven professionals. Ken Turnage II has a rigorous application process and ensures that all of his workers are safe and competent.

We go Beyond the Construction Job
Along with traditional contractor services, K2GC also offers other important post construction services.

K2GC provides a home maintenance program to help you keep abreast of potential problems. A qualified professional visits your home and checks for common safety and performance issues, including sinks and drains, visible plumbing, indoor and outdoor weather stripping and sealants, downspouts and water heater supply lines.

Having a technician on hand gives you as a homeowner, a heads-up on potential problems. We’ll either repair them or provide advice as to the best course of action to rectify the situation.

We place an emphasis on construction planning
It’s amazing how much smoother construction progresses when there is a good plan in place. Before the remodeling process can begin, you’ll be best served with a plan. Ken Turnage, K2GC and it’s staff also offer on-site kitchen and bath design. If you want to be involved in creating the kitchen or bath you’ve always dreamed of, K2GC provides an in-home meeting with a design and materials specialist to help craft a one-of-a-kind space for you.

We Specialize in Fire and Water Damage Home Repair
At K2GC, we are specialists in fire and water damage. More than half of the clients we work with are dealing with fire and water damage repair. Fire repair isn’t a field that just any company can tackle-it’s a specialty. And we are professionals in this field.

“You need to make sure a place doesn’t have smoke smell when the job is done. We’re supposed to take care of that. There’s not a separate service to fumigate” ~ Ken Turnage, Antioch General Contractor

We care about our Community
From his earlier years working with his father’s company to his present role as a husband and father, family is a priority for Ken Turnage. At K2GC we know family is just as important to our clients, and Ken Turnage II has made it a point to run a family-friendly construction business. The office at K2GC is clean and inviting, and the waiting room features an aquarium filled with exotic fish to occupy kids while parents meet with the staff.

Ken Turnage’s involvement in the community impacts more than just his own clients. Recently, he gave away tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. Spurred to action after hearing how ticket scalpers were charging parents hundreds of dollars for the kid-focused event, Ken Turnage made a statement by purchasing a luxury suite at the venue and then holding a free raffle for the 10 tickets he didn’t need for his two daughters and two nieces.

Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. also values and honors the sacrifices of teachers, military, police and fire department personnel and veterans through the K2GC Stars and Stripes Program. Public servants committed to bettering the community receive a 10% discount on contracting services.

“Everyone always told us that having your kitchen remodeled can be an agonizing time. But we had a wonderful experience! I would recommend Mr.Turnage and his company to anyone and they should consider themselves and their home very lucky to be under his care.”

Do you have a project coming up or are you in need of some home repair or remodel? Give us a call at (925) 754-5232 and talk to us about your project. You can also send us a message through our contact form.