Tips to prepare for winter

There are many ways for a home to take water damage.  Some of the most common come from outside water sources such as rain or sprinkler systems.  Here are a few items to look for to minimum your chance of a water damage or insurance claim.

1.) Roof leaks are a very common form of water damage. 

 Some of the items to look for that create damage are tree branches hanging on to the roof.  Tree branches should be cut back from the roof no less than 3 feet.  Clogged gutters and downspouts, if the water has no way to shed off of the roof it will puddle and back up.  Roof systems are not designed to hold water, the water will find a way into the home and damage your property.

2.) Window leaks are another common form of water damage.

One of the biggest causes for window leaks are plugged weep holes in the window tracks.  These are the little holes at the bottom of the window frame on the exterior.  When these little areas are clogged the water will fill the track and work its way back inside the the home.

3.) Sprinklers are great for the lawn but destructive for the house.

If your sprinkler system is spraying the home it is a receipe for dissaster.  Repeated spraying of the home from a sprinkler will breakdown any exterior finish from wood to stucco to brick…sprinklers will do more damage than the Big Bad Wolf.