How Great Construction Saves You Money

Energy Tips:
Monthly changing of air filters would result in approximately $100 per year savings.

Temperature setting reminders on seasonal basis.
Reducing wattage of light bulbs can result in additional savings.
As the seasons change so should your thermostat settings and accordingly you should set yours at 68 degrees for this season.
By ensuring your caulking and weather stripping are working properly you can cut your heating bills up to 10%.

Water Damage Prevention Tips:
Make sure sprinklers do not spray entire home.
Exterior grading needs to be sloped away from the home for water shed.
Make sure foilage is not building up in your gutters & downspouts to avoid blockage issues from occurring.

Fire Prevention Tips:
Make sure there is no pest intrusion which may cause gnawing of wires.
Not overloading circuits by using additional outlet devices.
Changing Range Hood filters to eliminate grease build-up.
Make sure to get your chimney cleaned to prevent soot build up.

Remodel Design Tips:
Complete design before starting.