I have a funny odor in my kitchen sink. What would cause that?

Here are some tips to help with a smelly kitchen sink. First try two cups of clorox down both sides of the drain, or half of a box of baking soda into the garbage disposal and wait five to ten minutes then rinse with water. Lemons cut into quarters can also do a good job of freshening up a sink. … [Read more...]

Have you ever turned your heat on full blast only to feel like your house STILL isn’t warming up? What would cause that?

Most homes lose 20 percent of their heat through leaks and poorly sealed connections in heating ductwork. You can easily seal exposed ducts in your attic, basement, crawlspace, and garage with duct sealant. Taking the time to seal your ducts can pay off big-time in the long run. Also, you may … [Read more...]

Water stain on my ceiling. What would cause that?

I have water stains on my ceiling, What would cause that? After spotting a water stain, homeowners should consider where the possible source of the stain is. If there's a bathroom above the water spot, the leak may be a plumbing issue. That could be a costly repair, she says, because a plumber … [Read more...]

What would cause that?

I have some cracks in my concrete on the outside of my home. What would cause that? Thin cracks along concrete foundation could be the result of settlement in the concrete and may not necessarily be a cause for concern. However, homeowners need to pay attention to the shape and direction of the … [Read more...]

What would cause that?

I see light shine through my front door, What would cause that. A light shining through your front door it is probably a defective or improper placed weather stripping.  Any further questions, feel free to contact us 925-754-5232 … [Read more...]

What would cause that?

Is your baseboard by your shower or bath tub discolored and or swelling? Baseboard discoloration and or swelling could be caused by a few things; make sure you use your shower curtain properly by placing the plastic liner INSIDE the bathtub. Check your seal on your shower door. Make sure you have a … [Read more...]