Kenny, I just have to tell you this. I just had a 2 1/2 hr brunch with a
friend on Wed in which she went on and on about the nightmare experience she was having with a contractor who was remodeling her master bath, he is also a mutual friends son. “Matt” had done her hallway bath about 9 months ago and all went well there, but now it’s another story . I know it isn’t all one sided complaints as I had talked with Matt’s’ parents in March and got a bit of a different story. But it was just interesting to hear all this mess, stress and complaining. This is truly going to change the relationship between these friends. I remember what you said about working for friends.I was smiling inside but trying to be sympathetic to her.

Knowing how well you took care of us all throughout both of our projects
made us feel so good about finding you. We would not have done anything
different with either of our projects and that’s why I told you, we didn’t
even consider talking to anyone else for the kitchen as we knew you and your work, we knew we could trust you 200%.

Again, all your workers were great and I always enjoyed having them around,they probably didn’t enjoy me nosing around but it was actually a fun, learning experience for us. All is good and Thank you a hundred times.

All the best,

Everyone always told us that having your kitchen remodeled can be an agonizing time. But in contrast to what they all said, we had a wonderful experience!! Ken Turnage and his crew were always on time, very professional and courteous, did beautiful construction work, and always cleaned up after themselves. In addition, Ken gives creative, sound advice and is well informed of present-day civic codes. I would recommend Mr.Turnage and his company to anyone and they should consider themselves and their home very lucky to be under his care.
– Mary Jane Koller –

“I recommend them 100% for whatever work you need.
They were on time, and they came through with everything they promised. I was very impressed with them. I have nothing bad to say about them.”
– Dave L.

“I love working with them. I have recommended them to all of my neighbors.”
“The re-did my front door, inside and out. I liked Bob. He came when he said he would. He was very punctual, very pleasant, and he seemed to care about my problems. He grasped the situation and found solutions. Juan and Patrick were also very good.”
– Gary D.

“They are fantastic. I called them back for additional work.”
“When they do the work, you know its going to be done right. Any problems are corrected, and there is no hassle with them at all. Their prices are reasonable. Everybody that has come out, no matter what level, have been top-notch workers.”
– Helen B.