Important items to remember in case of a fire damage

In the unfortunate case of having a fire damage to your home there are several items you should do.  The majority of the time when a residence takes fire damage the homeowner is unfamiliar with the insurance claims process. A few things you want to make sure you do from the beginning to help yourself stay organized.

  1. Start a file to keep all insurance paperwork in.
  2. Start a second file to keep all Contractor correspondence together
  3. Staple all business cards to the inside of the file.  Business cards are small and tend to get lost
  4. Write your claim number on the inside of all files
  5. Keep all expense receipts and write the claim number on all receipts.  Turn in all your receipts let your Insurance provider tell you what they will and won’t pay for.
  6. Keep a notepad with you at all times, it will be the oddest times when you think of a question.  Write them down so they do not get forgotten.
  7. Always deal with people that have specific experience in fire damage repair.  This will make a big difference
  8. Do not get in a rush, repair from a fire damage takes time.  Let your Insurance provider go through there process, it will seem confusing at some points but there is a system.  Let it work for you.

These are some of the items that need direct attention paid to them during your fire claims process.  It is a process not a quick fix.  Always remember the number one item to combat is residual smoke smell, so make sure that every step of project is handled by a company that specifically does fire damage repair.