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Contra Costa County Remodeling Contractors

Contra Costa County Remodeling ContractorsThe foundation of a smooth home remodel starts with a solid plan. This plan will include, design, budget, planning and communication.
The first step in the process is design and function. One of the biggest hurdles is making sure the renovation is esthetically pleasing and looks natural to the home. The function and task of the remodel needs to be incorporated in the overall design, so it blends with the home.

After the design and function have been determined, the next step is a budget. There is a wide range of materials and pricing. K2GC works with homeowners to meet there material and pricing needs.
Proper planning for the time of the remodel is another critical factor. If the project is not planned effectively, this will cause undo hardships to the Homeowner and Contractor. We have found the best way to avoid timeline issues, is to set a preliminary schedule at the beginning of the project. Every two weeks the schedule is evaluated and timeline adjusted based on any work flow or changes.
Communication throughout the process is vital. If the Homeowner and Contractor don’t have an open line of communication, there is virtually no chance the project will be completed with the desired results. Here at K2GC, we use the most up to date methods of providing information on the project. This includes e-mails, text messages and phone calls. As part of the communication process, we include 3 progressive job walks. The first is after completion of the demolition. This gives the Homeowner and Contractor a chance to make any final changes or material selections. The second job walk is prior to the rough inspection. This enables any last minute changes. The final job walk is at the final inspection. During this time we identify and address any touch up items.