Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home During Warm Weather

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home During Warm   Weather Turn your thermostat up. During warm weather, set your thermostat as high as possible, given health and comfort considerations and drink plenty of fluids. Turn thermostats to 78 degrees when at home; 85 degrees when away. Use fans to … [Read more...]

Prevent a fire in your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning How Often: Every year. When: A sunny day. The purpose is to get rid of lint buildup. If your dryer is not on an exterior wall, it's likely that the vent leading outside is clogged up. If you ignore it, the result could be a disastrous fire. "Once the vent gets … [Read more...]

What causes the moisture in between my double pane glass?

What causes the moisture in between my double pane glass? Over time natural elements such as the sun, heat, cold, rain, humidity and unnatural elements such as an applied tint film on the inside, oil or chemicals can cause water to break through the seal of an insulated unit (also called double … [Read more...]

Why Does My Kitchen Faucet Drip?

A leaky faucet is more than just a nuisance; it can be a real financial drain and a waste of precious water resources. While it might not seem like much water is being wasted, each drip adds up over time. In fact, according to the United States Geological Survey, a single leaky faucet dripping once … [Read more...]

Tips to prepare for winter

There are many ways for a home to take water damage.  Some of the most common come from outside water sources such as rain or sprinkler systems.  Here are a few items to look for to minimum your chance of a water damage or insurance claim. 1.) Roof leaks are a very common form of water … [Read more...]

As the weather starts to change

Now that we are heading into the fall season here is something  you want to look for before the rain starts.   One of the most common items that cause water damage to a home is clogged gutters.  As the season progresses and leaves begin to accumulate, you want to make sure all gutters and … [Read more...]

How Great Construction Saves You Money

Energy Tips: Monthly changing of air filters would result in approximately $100 per year savings. Temperature setting reminders on seasonal basis. Reducing wattage of light bulbs can result in additional savings. As the seasons change so should your thermostat settings and accordingly you … [Read more...]